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How do you ensure the linguistic quality of your translations?

The translation process is based on the LISA QA model. All files are 100% edited and proofread. In the case of large projects, to prevent quality problems caused by the inherent large translation volume, files are returned by localizers and sent to editing twice per week. We verify the elements specified in the LISA QA Model and in the project specifications. We build Editing Reports, which are not forms, but extended QA reports that provide feedback to localizers. Editing Reports on Help and Printed Doc are informal (the editor implements the corrective actions). The QA on Software is performed on copies of the string databases. QA-ing copies allows for this partial QA to be conducted while localizers continue their work. Editing Reports are generated at the end of the partial Software QA. Localizers use the Editing Reports to correct the documented errors. As a next step, we build Implementation Reports which are used by proofreaders to mediate between localizers and editors. The quality standards and their definitions are described in the LISA QA Model and in the project specifications. As a last step of the Print Doc/Help projects, we use tools developed internally and/or the TRADOS Concordance tool, to conduct a consistency check between software and the Print Doc/Help.

What terminology process is in place?

Several clients requested the use of Excel to maintain the terminology base. An Excel spreadsheet is part of each handoff to localizers and proofreaders. When possible, for intra-localization processing, we use the SDL TRADOS Multiterm, and for post-localization processing, we use our own tools (such as the Potential Errors report). Post-localization processing, which is based on new terminology gathered from localizers and negotiated by proofreaders, is the most effective instrument. This is a technical phase which is performed at the same time with Spellchecking and other automated processes.

What is your IT infrastructure?

Main Internet connection: 4 Mbps (guaranteed), FIBER
Backup Internet connection: 1 Mbps (guaranteed) , ADSL
Mail & D2D Backup Server: HP ProLiant DL380G5
      Processor: Xeon 5130-2GHz
      Memory: 2GB
      RAID 5 controler: P400-256M
      HDD: 3 x 72GB SAS SFF hot pluggable
      Power Supply: 2 redundant & hot pluggable
Reference machines (Romanian OS & apps): rack mountable based on Intel BLKDQ963FXCK
UPS: 2 x APC Smart UPS 1500 VA RackMount
Enclosure: Rittal 800x1800x1000 with roof mounted low noise cooling unit